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Are PrepWell products biodegradable?

At this time, our product are not biodegradable and we recommend you dispose of them in a trashcan.

How can I get in touch with customer service?

You can give us a call at 646-278-5627 or use the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can PrepWell bags be used multiple times?

Our PrepWell Industry™ products are designed as single-use disposable products. Note however that the absorption is no less than 700ml* of liquid body waste.

* PrepWell Industry™ is the only company to guarantee an absorption capacity based on the international standardized test methods intended to provide uniform and orderly procedures to determine the properties of urine absorbing aids (i.e: ISO 16021, ISO17190). 0.9% sodium chloride solution is considered the synthetic urine.

What is the shelf life of PrepWell bags?

If stored properly, the shelf life of our waste bags is virtually unlimited.

Why not just “go” outside?

Aside from the fact that you need a safe and sanitary restroom solution, it is also important to know that upi can be held liable for indecent exposures if you are seen relieving yourself in public.

Will the super absorbent polymer work in extreme heat or cold?

The super absorbent polymer works best between -40 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit ( -40 to 50 degrees Celsius).

Who can I reach out to regarding business quantitites?

We recommend you contact us directly at info@getprepwell.com for business quantitites

How do I return a product?

You can find our return policy here

When will I receive my order?

All Orders are processed in 2-3 business days. For larger Orders, processing time may extend up to 4 days. Orders are not processed during holidays or weekends.

The estimated delivery time of your Order depends on your location and the shipping method. 

Which locations do you deliver to?

We ship all orders to anywhere in the United States—even Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We do not ship internationally.

What can I do if I don’t receive my order?

If You don’t receive your Order at the estimated time, it could mean either your Order is delayed or is lost. You may contact Our support team to know the exact location of your Order.

How can I find out about deals and new products?

We recommend you subscribe to our free newsletter, found on the homepage