• Fits any Toilet

    The disposable toilet bags are designed to fit any toilet. This includes portable toilets, buckets, and RV toilets.

  • Easy Disposal

    PrepWell stands out from other brands, since our pads inside each bag absorbs all body fluids leaving no risk of spilling loose powder. After use, simply tie the drawstrings together and throw away in the trash!

  • No Odors and Mess Free

    Each toilet bag comes with an absorbent pad that soaks up to 16 oz of liquids so you don't haveto worry about cleaning anything up.

  • Great for Outdoors!

    The toilet bags can be easily carried in your camping bag so you are prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

  • Includes Absorbent Pad

    Each waste bag includes a pre-inserted super-absorbent pad that reduces odors and converts 16 fl oz of bodily fluids into gel!

  • Quality you can Trust

    This product is great for preppers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts to have because it allows for a quick, mess-free and convenient solution for when a working toilet is not available.