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PrepWell Super Absorbent Crystals -13 oz bottle

PrepWell Super Absorbent Crystals -13 oz bottle

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Instantly Turns Fluids Into a Gel
   No more mess and easy cleaning. The urine turns into a gel within seconds that can then be disposed of

Eliminates Odors from Urine

   Contains lemon grass extract and reliably designed to instantly absorb and prevent nasty odors from being released

Easy Pour Cap
   Just use what you need. Each bottle comes with a dispensing cap and measuring cup to help you figure out the right amount that you need.

Works in Camping or Portable Toilets
   Pour the super absorbent crystals into your camping or portable toilet for extra urine absorption.

Specially Engineered Powder
   Our super absorbing crystals are one of the quickest efficient ways to absorb and deodorize urine.

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About Our Super Absorbent Crystals

Have you ever had to use the restroom but there were no toilets anywhere around you? Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam, out camping or hiking, we understand how frustrating this is. That is why we created a simple, convenient, and mess free solution to help you be prepared for when you need to "go". Our PrepWell Disposable Unisex Urinal bags will fit in your car, purse or backpack so you are always ready and prepared no matter what the situation may be. Be prepared, and spend more time doing things you love. 

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